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General trading, Export, Import and Logistics.

Delivery of Your Shipments is our concern. Whether it is a single shipment, a few pallets or multiple full loads every week, we know how to handle your Shipments and cargo.

What we do?

We offer an overall variety of logistic services including all those special extras which allow our customers to keep on concentrating on their main business.
By providing a fast, efficient service basing itself on the highest technological standards available, we decisively contribute to our partner’s success.


How we work?

When you need to move cargo domestically or across Europe, we can always find room on one of our trucks. With traffic hubs strategically located all over Europe and 10,000 trucks on the road every day; your cargo will be delivered wherever and whenever specified. Most common types of road transport services are:


Both The Full Truck Load International service handles all the shipments throughout Europe. Full Truck Load Fresh offers fully equipped vehicles for any full or partial load controlled temperature shipment. For we know we can rely on a thoroughly tested organization, capable of assessing your kind requirements, the type of goods and the most suitable method of transportation, and of managing the whole procedure smoothly while keeping you constantly informed.


Our Services

Domestic shipments and shipments to neighboring countries can be completed with us in very fast time. For more exotic destinations in Europe we offer delivery within one week, no matter of your destination. If you only have palletized goods on approved pallet types, you can benefit from our Packing service. If you use our service, we ensure daily pick-up, easy confirmation booking and on-time delivery all over Europe for palletized goods weighing a maximum of 3,500 kg. Let us find you the solution that fits your needs and your kind business.
We care about delivering your cargo at the right time at the right place. And for sure at the right price. We have traffic hubs located all over Europe. And it is this local knowledge and our contacts in most countries of the Europe that give you a head start. Our Cooperative Trucking Companies, freight forwarders and sales staff are experienced and know your market and local transport conditions. This enables them to provide the proper services that you deserve. By leaving your shipments in our hands, we will do whatever it takes to find the best transport solution. Whether you need transport of one pallet or multiple shipments every day, we will handle it. The Delivery of your shipment is our duty.
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Professional Trading Line

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